The Closet Butler is Utah’s largest Independent, Family-Owned custom closet and garage cabinet company. Our commitment to offering the highest quality products combined with our outstanding service has made us an industry leader throughout the state. Our 30 years of expertise allow us to design your space in the most innovative and creative ways possible.

We believe in going the extra mile to make sure our customers are thrilled with both our products and our service. We’re confident that you’ll find us to be the right choice for your home or garage, or other storage solution project.

Why We’re Giving Back

Fifteen years ago, two brothers set off with the excitement of securing their very own American Dream. Of course, no one mentions the long hours, financial struggle, sweat, and tears it takes to start a small business. Like many others, we have been between that rock and a hard place—the struggle of wondering how we will support our family. So many people helped us during our early days, lifted us, and kept our spirits up. Fast forward 15 years, and we are humbled to now call ourselves one of the largest independent family-owned closet companies in Utah.

Over the years, we have learned that our small business is nothing without the community’s support surrounding us. That is why we have decided to start ‘Closet with a Cause.’ Helping those who have fallen on hard times is a top priority for all of us at The Closet Butler. That is why, with your help, we are doing our part to help those who may need an extra boost.

When 2020 started, many of us had big plans—Family Vacations, Graduations, Promotions, and more. Of course, 2020 didn’t exactly go as many of us had hoped and planned on. For many families in our community, times have taken a turn for the worst.

How You Can Help

Schedule Your Job:

So, you’re ready to redesign your closet space. Begin by calling our office or submitting a design request on our website. When your designer meets you for an initial consultation, mention that you would like to donate some of your gently used items to ‘Closet with a Cause.’ Our designers will have laundry bags for you to fill until we come to install your new closet.

Fill the Bag:

As you clean out your space preparing for install day, this is the perfect time to pick out the items you no longer wear. Let’s face it; we all have them. Take the time to sort through your clothes to find things you no longer wear but are still in excellent condition. Place your well-loved items in the provided bag and set them aside.

Have the Bag Ready on Install Day:

On install day, our installers will haul your filled bag away. Leave the laundry bag in your closet, and our installers will bring it back to our office for distribution. Donations will be taken to a handful of charities along the Wasatch front.

Items Needed

-Rain Gear

-Sturdy Shoes (casual and dress)

-Business Attire

-Kids Clothing


What Should I Donate?

We ask that you donate any gently used items that you no longer need. We are more specifically looking for clothing that can be worn in the workforce. As many Utahans are looking for work after the pandemic, we want to help those in need while doing our part to support Utah’s economy.

Can I donate more than one bag?

Yes, please talk to your designer. Our installer can haul away up to three bags.

Where will the donations go?

We hope to help as many Utahans as possible. We will be donating to various local charities in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Summit Counties. We rotate our deliveries based on the current needs of each charity.

Can I donate money instead of clothes?

Currently we are unable to accommodate money donations. We are hoping to soon!

Thank You!

Thank You for your continued support in our effort to serve the great people of Utah. We are grateful to live and work in such an amazing community.